School Age Instructional Soccer League Sign-Up

*Note: this program is an Elite FT program. For programming questions, please call 618-972-1830.

Elite FT’s T-Rex (Ages 6-7)

Registration: $75.00 per 6 Week Program

Our 6-7 aged program is named for Tyrannosaurus Rex. We all know, T-Rex was one of the largest meat-eating dinosaurs that ever lived. But, did you know it was long as school bus (40 feet long) and 20 feet tall? Our T-Rex program progresses from fun soccer play and small-sided games or scrimmages to focus on possessing the ball. Our 55 minutes classes always deliver a structured, enjoyable approach to soccer. Experienced trainers employ fun games designed to encourage good sportsmanship, touches on the ball, goal scoring, and cooperation with fellow campers. All games, with or without the ball, help campers develop balance, coordination, strategy, and the ability to take direction and stay on task. Activities include dribbling skills, goal scoring and small-sided games. Each child is given an Elite FT t-shirt that is color specific to the T-Rex program. They are asked to wear the shirt each week to identify their group & bond with other campers.


Elite FT’s Basic Ball Mastery (Ages 8-12,13+)

Registration: $99.00

The Soccer Skills program is built on individual ball mastery. During this 6 week course, the athletes will improve their touch on the ball with ALL parts of BOTH feet.
During classes, athletes can expect to improve in the following area’s: dribbling in tight space, weak foot, 1 v 1 moves, first touch, juggling, movement off the ball and more! Also, in weeks 3 and 6, the athletes will get to scrimmage for a portion of the session, if there is field space available.